Different Types of Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of the footwear. Generally, people use them while they playing, running or walking. They reflect the choice, personality and mood of people. You get different types of shoes for different purposes. However, you need to purchase the right footwear for your legs. Each type of shoe available in market has different features and provides different personal advantages to the users. Footwear for all genders and ages are available in market.

In order to understand basic types of footwear that are available in market, it is essential to understand the reason for wearing them in general. Mainly people wear footwear for three reasons such as protection, support and decoration. The first shoes ever made were crated to protect feet while running or walking. They were produced some ten thousand years ago and they were known as sandal. However, the sandals were just meant for walking purpose and not for athletic or running purposes. The tennis shoe is one basic type of shoe that is used by people. These are made in such a way that they support your feet while performing physical activities. In addition, you get various tennis shoes for some particular sport activities. Another category of footwear available in the market is known as flip flops. They are perfect for summer days and warm weather climates.

One other versatile category of shoes is the Hiking boots. These boots are available for men, women and children. Such footwear is durable and strong and covers your entire foot. In addition, they provide protection from environment and support for your foot. Hiking shoes are popular among outdoor enthusiasts, who love trekking and rock climbing. Next type of footwear is the athletic shoes. Numerous big companies make good quality athletic and running footwear. Generally, they come in large variety of styles and sizes. Moreover, the athletic shoe contains a shock-absorbent sole for softer impact when the foot of runner hits ground. They are available in narrow, wide, normal, flat and arched designs that help fit overall shape of your feet.

Another type of shoe is the work shoe, which are made form high robust leather. Such shoes are designed to provide higher protection to the wearer. Normally, they are used as a part of work uniform for nurses, police officers, military personnel and fire brigade people. In addition, they are used in industrial settings, warehouses, mining and construction places for the sake of protection of workers.